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Here at American Computer Services, we offer a wide array of services for all of your technical needs. Anything from a slow, virus ridden PC to your printer that is printing lines through your images. Check below for some more detailed information about the services we have to offer. If there is something you need that isn't listed, just give us a call and we'd be happy to talk to you about it. 

Virus, Malware and Spyware Removal

Is your computer running slow? When you're surfing the web are you getting a lot of pop-ups and advertisements? If so, this might be the right choice for you.

Computer Repair


Is something not working how it should? Do you have something physically wrong with your PC? Bring it in to us and we'll be happy to assist you with it. 

Computer Upgrades


Looking to bring your PC up to date without breaking the bank? Do you need some upgrades to qualify for the newest operating system release? We're more than happy to help you without trying to sell you things you don't need. 

Custom PC Builds

Sick of looking at those generic, cookie-cutter PC options at the big box stores? We will sit with you and customize the perfect machine for your needs. Whether it be a high end gaming PC or if you're looking for some pretty RGB setup, we've got the options you'll love!

Networking Services

Is your Wi-Fi signal low in some areas of your home? Is your password not secure? Does your internet keep dropping out on you? We can analyze your home network to make sure it's optimized and secure!

Data Transfer

Do you have an old computer with files you'd like transferred to your one? Perhaps an old PC that no longer turns on that you have invaluable data on? We're more than able to get the data off your old device and transfer it to your new one or put it on an external drive for you. 

Data Recovery

If you have a drive that crashed and you're no longer able to access your data, most of the time, we're able to access it and recover it for you. If the drive is damaged beyond what can be recovered in store, we partner with data recovery specialists that we can send it off to their clean room and have it recovered for you at a discounted rate. 

Laptop Screen Repair

Accidently drop your laptop? Perhaps close something in it and shatter the screen? We're able to replace the screen, often same day and have your laptop back in no time. 

Printer Services

Have lines through your print that you can't clear up? Perhaps a laser printer that isn't as clear as it should be? We're more than happy to help you diagnose and repair your printer. If it's determined it's more efficient to replace it than spending the money to repair it, we'll be up front and honest about it.

iPhone/Android Repair

Phone screen cracked? Battery not holding a charge like it once was? Do you have to wiggle the charger and rubber band it in place to make it charge? We fix phone in store, same day and never send them off to be repaired. 
Video Game Console Repair

No display on your TV when connected to your Xbox? Does your PlayStation not have enough room to add the newest games? Bring your console in and we'll repair it right in out shop.

Are you trying to learn how to use the newest version of Windows? Become up to date on some software you haven't used in a while? Perhaps you're looking to switch from PC to Mac but don't know how to copy and paste. Call us to set up a block of time where we can train you in our store, on your device.
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